SBE Awarded a 3rd Patent for Power Ring Film Capacitors™

SBE Inc. (dba S B Electronics) announced today the awarding of a 3rd patent for its Power Ring Film Capacitor™ technology, a high density annular form factor capacitor, with on-going development since 2004. U.S. Patent Number 7,655,530 titled “Segmented End Electrode Capacitor and Method of Segmenting an End Electrode of a Capacitor” is a method patent for segmentation, a critical reliability feature of the Power Ring Capacitor in Automotive and other Transportation applications. It complements the previous U.S. Patent Number 7,453,114 on this key product feature. In transportation applications capacitors are required to sustain thousands of temperature cycles from -40°C to 105°C (engine coolant) during their lifetime. Without the implementation of this patented design feature, the annular shaped capacitor is not capable of reliable operation over the expected temperature ranges and operating environment.
SBE is working with many industry leaders in the fields of Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, and the Power Ring has recently passed automotive qualification in the UQM inverter, designed in the upcoming CODA electric sedan car. SBE is also in the last few months of completion of a research program on the optimization of DC Bus Capacitors in High Temperature and High Ripple Current Environments for Hybrid Vehicles, financed by a U. S. Department of Energy Innovation Research Grant to further develop this technology for the U.S. Government’s FreedomCAR Hybrid Vehicle and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle programs.
“The issuance of this most recent Power Ring patent clearly differentiates our technology as a reliable solution to the industry-wide focus of low temperature, smaller packaging, and lower cost for Power Inverters” stated Edward Sawyer, President and CEO of SBE. “Our company brings a unique approach to this space and is demonstrating to the industry the significant technical advantages that we bring to these applications. We expect to field a reliable solution to the Automotive Industry quest of a 105°C Coolant Capable Inverter for HEV and PHEV systems and to ‘raise the bar’ for all inverter applications”.
SBE Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of film capacitor solutions that provide a much higher degree of reliability, higher power density, and simpler cooling infrastructure, in demanding applications, particularly for automotive/transportation, alternative energy, utilities, power supplies/laser and military/aerospace. Originally a Sprague Electric Plant, SBE has been manufacturing capacitors for over 50 years producing over a billion capacitors, including the renowned Orange Drop®. With the newer development of its DC Link Filter Power Ring Film Capacitor™, SBE Inc. was recently awarded a $9.1 million grant by the Department of Energy to build a world’s class facility for the manufacturing of this line of capacitors used in drivetrain inverters for plug-in hybrid and electric drive vehicles. The plant capacity will provide supply for over 100,000 powertrains within 3 years. The Company’s headquarters, engineering and product development center, and manufacturing operation are located in Barre, Vermont.

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Director of Marketing
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See the PDF version of the press release.

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