SBE Inc. Hires Chief Technology Officer

SBE Inc. (dba SB Electronics) has appointed Dr. Michael A. Brubaker as its new Chief Technology Officer.  Mr. Brubaker will be responsible for all of SBE’s research and development activities.  He will report directly to SBE’s President and CEO, Edward Sawyer.  

“We are excited to have Mike onboard,” Mr. Sawyer said when commenting on the company’s latest new hire.  “His experience and technology leadership will be invaluable as we start building one of the world’s premier capacitor manufacturing plants in the US for the manufacturing of Power Ring Film Capacitors™, advance our position as a power electronics solution provider and ramp up production with new major customers in transportation and other industries.  Mike is an industry technical leader and I look forward to having him as a key member of my executive management team.”

Prior to joining SBE, Mr. Brubaker was the Vice President of Engineering and a founding member of Fieldmetrics Inc.  He was responsible for the high voltage design and testing of next generation voltage and current sensors for smart grid applications.  Mr. Brubaker developed the firmware for a proprietary metering module and interfaced with third party vendors to create unique monitoring solutions for utility customers.  Previous to that position, he was a staff member at Los Alamos National Laboratory working on accelerator diagnostics and pulsed power.  Mr. Brubaker was the team leader for insulation systems at the ABB Transmission Technology Institute before moving to Los Alamos.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder and earned his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Electric Power Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  Mr. Brubaker has over 20 technical publications, nine US patents and two European patents.

“I have been involved with SBE for nearly eight years as both a customer and technical consultant,” remarked Mr. Brubaker.  “The company has a unique corporate culture that supports next generation innovation while maintaining quality and customer focus.  I am very pleased to be joining SBE and look forward helping them push the performance envelope for film capacitor applications.”

SBE Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of film capacitor solutions that provide a much higher degree of reliability, higher power density, and simpler cooling infrastructure in demanding applications, particularly for automotive/transportation, alternative energy, utilities, power supplies/laser and military/aerospace.  Originally a Sprague Electric Plant, SBE has been manufacturing capacitors for over 50 years; producing over a billion capacitors, including the renowned Orange Drop®.  With the newer development of its DC Link Filter Power Ring Film Capacitor™, SBE Inc. was recently awarded a $9.1 Million grant by the Department of Energy to build a world class facility for the manufacture of this line of capacitors used in drivetrain inverters for plug-in hybrid and electric drive vehicles.  The company’s headquarters, engineering, product development center and manufacturing operation are located in Barre, Vermont. 

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