SBE Power Ring designed into the world’s most advanced electric superbike

Mission_Motors_bike_300_200The customer: Mission Motors, an innovative provider of EV powertrain systems who creates powerful, intelligent and efficient products for OEMs.

The product: The Mission R, a 141 horsepower, 160 mph race-ready electric motorcycle that has everyone talking! Mission’s EV components are so space efficient, the whole system including a 14 kWh lithium ion battery fits into a space about the same size as a standard 600cc race bike.

The Powertrain:
an energy-dense, flexible and scalable 100kW motor controller, with impressive specifications:

Dimensions: 325 x 225 x 71mm
Weight: 6.3 kg
Peak/Constant Power: 100/70kW
Input Voltage, max: 450V
IP Rating: IP-67


700D349_300_200The DC link capacitor used: SBE Power Ring 700D349

DC Voltage Rating: 600 Vdc
Capacitance: 500 μF
ESR: 250 micro-Ohms at 20kHz
ESL: < 5nH
Dimension: 85 cubic inches

Mission Motors is a company like no other. Their EV powertrains have helped vehicle manufacturers of all types achieve new levels of hybrid and EV efficiency and performance. Their electric motorcycles have raced at the historic Isle of Man TT and set records at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The company itself has been featured in everything from Wired to the Wall Street Journal.
The company’s latest electric superbike, the Mission R, illustrates the company’s innovative path to these milestones. In order to achieve the power density, energy density and system integration necessary to create the world’s most advanced electric racing motorcycle, Mission’s engineering team had to take a completely new, innovative approach for the design of each major powertrain component.

“As with any of our OEM client programs, the Mission R is the most efficient solution to a design challenge. The bike has the power to accelerate like a 1,000cc gasoline superbike and it has more battery capacity than any electric motorcycle out there, yet the mass-centralized design is no larger than typical 600cc sportsbike.”
Edward West, Founder & President

Mission-Motors-powertrain_300_200And to achieve such a capable yet compact design, the powertrain itself needed to be light, small, and power dense, and the Power Ring DC link capacitor was the perfect capacitor solution for it.
The engineering team at Mission Motors valued its performance, its thin profile – perfect for their design, its size and its weight. These were all critical parameters for them, and the Power Ring delivered on each of them.

“Our engineering team has been consistently impressed by SBE’s products. The capacitor is a critical component of the Mission R’s 100 kW MissionEVT Motor Controller, and we have been very pleased with the SBE Power Ring’s performance in this application.”
Erik Salo, VP Business Development, Mission Motors

And for SBE,

“This is a perfect application for the next generation SBE 700D349 Power Ring Film CapacitorTM which offers 500 µF in a volume of less than 85 cubic inches with the highest possible ripple current rating. Mission Motors has demonstrated great vision in this design effort.”
Mike Brubaker, Chief Technology Officer, SBE inc.

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