EVNetics – Leader in motor controller for the DIY EV market

evnetics-brochure_200_300_webEVNetics may be a young and small company in the EV market but it is definitely getting the attention of the large OEMs these days.
Sebastien Bourgeois, Managing Member at EVNetics Vehicle Power Systems, is telling us their fascinating story. A few years ago when he decided to explore building an EV car for himself, he bought kit components on line and quickly realized that there was a large gap in the market in terms of the quality and features of what was available. Everything was basically designed for a “golf cart” electric vehicle.
He immediately had the vision of what could be done, got an expert in power electronics on board, and started developing a prototype. They knew they could do a lot better job than what was on the market! Soon an expert programmer was added to the team, who added a whole new dimension to the product.
As a user and integrator, they had a whole new perspective on what was important to the customer. In particular, it was essential for them to develop a controller which would be extremely flexible and very easy to integrate, because the DIY “do-it-yourself” market had more of a need for something easy than would an OEM. Hard lessons were learned but today, they have become the de-facto supplier for that DIY market. Their product is a motor controller with everything an EV user needs to integrate it to the front-end master control system. Demand is picking up. In fact, they could quadruple their manufacturing quantities and still not satisfy their dealers’ demands.
Today they are talking with the largest EV motor manufacturer. Top-tier manufacturers are definitely interested in what they bring to the table.
For EVNetics, the Power Ring is the only DC Link capacitor which allows them to deliver the benefits their customers want: a 300kW peak motor controller with very high power density at a reasonable market price even in small to medium unit volumes. Their motor controller is well perceived in the market place and recognized for its reliability.
EVNetics_EDTA_300_200_web“It’s a demanding application” Sebastien Bourgeois explained. “We cannot fit any other capacitor in that space that can survive. The other capacitors we tried did not work. The Power Ring made the smoke go away”. “The Power Ring capacitor” he added “offered great packaging possibilities. It is a single capacitor with an advantageous performance in the space. It simplifies assembly procedures, streamlines the internal layout, allows us to take away discrete parts and allows for a laminated bus structure arrangement.” “In this demanding application we are stretching what the Power Ring can do, but it can take the beating and it does deliver” he concludes.
Mark Browning, SBE VP Customer/New Product Development added: “Jeff Jenkins, EVNetics’ chief design engineer, very quickly understood the benefits of our Power Ring technology. He had a tight space constraint, and knew right away that our 700D349 (500µF, 600VDC) unit had an extremely low ESR and ESL and that was critical to his high power density, compact design. It’s always a pleasure to work with designers who value high performance!”
For more information about EVNetics, visit www.evnetics.com.

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