An integrated capacitor/bus/switch power module at PCIM

700D349_bus_and_switch_module_300_245This unique module will be on display later this month and for the first time at the upcoming PCIM Europe conference in Nuremberg, Germany at all three booths of Danfoss, Methode and SBE Inc.
Indeed, SBE, Inc. has teamed with Methode Electronics and Danfoss Semiconductor to develop an integrated 67.5 kW capacitor/bus/switch power module concept. The design incorporates an SBE 700D349 (600V 500 µF) capacitor with a Danfoss E+ module with a bus and cooling structure from Methode. This concept illustrates vertical integration to reduce the volume of the inverter and provides a basic building block for scalability to higher power levels.
The SBE Annular Form Factor Power Ring Film CapacitorTM provides a very low ESR and ESL along with the highest possible ripple current rating for a given capacitance value. The capacitor shares a cooling plate with the semiconductor module, which can utilize the Danfoss Shower PowerTM cooling technology to achieve higher ratings. The Methode hermetic laminar bus structure provides a reliable interconnection with much lower inductance than traditional layouts.
Come and visit us at the PCIM Europe conference, Nuremberg, May 17-19, at the following booths:
Methode Electronics – booth 766, hall 12
Danfoss – booth 325, hall 12
SBE – booth 247, hall 12

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