Customer Story: Canadian-based TM4 Electrodynamic Systems

TM4 CO150 Electronic inverter - controllerTM4 Electrodynamic Systems was established in 1998 to market electric propulsion technology developed by Hydro-Quebec’s research institute (IREQ) and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hydro-Québec (a government-owned public utility).

TM4 has worked with customers such as Tata Motors, Novabus (owned by Volvo Buses), PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) and many others, who have been keen to benefit from TM4’s patented technologies and distinctive expertise in electric motors, generators and inverters for the transport and energy markets (TM4 holds over 100 patents).

Located within the greater Montreal area in the province of Quebec, Canada, TM4’s facility houses a team of over 100 employees with a vast powertrain development and testing center, as well as manufacturing and assembly lines. Recently, a new joint venture company was created with Prestolite Electric Beijing Limited (PEBL), a division of Prestolite Electric Inc., Michigan, USA. It is based in Beijing and named Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems Limited (PEPS). This new partnership will focus on providing high-end solutions for clean transport and sustainable mobility by developing, manufacturing, selling and supporting electric traction systems for trucks and buses, as well as commercial, off-road and marine vehicles. It will target clients in a variety of Asian countries.

During the development of their latest generation of electric drivetrains and looking to offer best-in-class power density, reliability, exceptional performance, and cost-effective production, TM4 reached out to SBE Inc. for their capacitor technology and component integration expertise. Joint collaboration between TM4 and SBE has culminated in unique, compact, high performance inverters which meet TM4’s performance goals with enhanced overall efficiency.

SBE’s Power Ring Capacitor TechnologyTM is now being used in two of TM4’s inverters. The 600V DC link capacitor and bus structures utilize field-proven core designs. Whether in integrated modules or more traditional layouts, SBE implementations achieve industry-leading ESL levels with associated cost and power density efficiencies. Reliability enhancement is facilitated by the SBE “best-in-class” low power dissipation under heavy load and the comprehensive system thermal design by TM4. The full design package is setting new standards in the market with a volumetric peak power density of 15 kW/L.

SBE’s Power Ring Capacitor has nice performance with respect to ripple current capability and low parasitic inductive value (ESL). During our design phase, the collaboration of SBE’s team was always good and we got quick turnaround for a custom part” reported Tony Coulombe, TM4 Electric group team leader.

“It is a pleasure to actively collaborate with a forward-thinking company like TM4 as we strive to achieve meaningful market penetration in electrified ecomobility” stated Ed Sawyer, SBE President and CEO. “From our viewpoint the advanced, integrated inverter designs that TM4 has created for these next generation drivetrains are among the best in the industry and we are proud to be part of this team” he added.

For more information on TM4 Electrodynamic Systems, visit TM4 website.
For more information on TM4’s CO150 electronic inverter/controller shown above, see TM4 MФTIVE™ B system.

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