SBE, Inc. Appoints Two New Board Members

Barre, VT ‐ June 28, 2012 – For immediate release
SBE Inc. (dba SB Electronics) is pleased to announce the recent election of Jon Bereisa and John R. Wallace as board members. They will be assisting SBE in strategically advancing their market position in the power electronics and alternative energy industries.

Mr. Bereisa brings 35 years of executive experience at General Motors to SBE. He was the Systems Architect for the Chevrolet Volt, Chief Engineer Propulsion Systems for General Motor’s EV1. Prior to that, Mr. Bereisa was GM’s Director of Advanced Engineering and Technology Strategy at GM Powertrain for the development of GM’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology. Under his leadership, GM achieved major improvements in inverter power switch technology, and the development of the EV1 inductive charging system. Mr. Bereisa has recently been inducted into the Electric Drive Transportation Association’s “Hall of Fame” and the Automotive News “Electrifying 100” leading the today’s global electrification of the automobile. He has been acting as Senior Technical Advisor for SBE for the past two years.

Bereisa sees “cost as the remaining challenge for mass market acceptance of electric vehicles and SBE’s Power Ring film capacitor technology as an enabler to significantly simplify power inverter design. The Power Ring capacitor is a near ideal part with ultralow series resistance and inductance and capable of reliable sustained operation at higher temperatures – all of this through SBE’s clever engineering and innovative manufacturing without the traditional recourse to more expensive materials.”

“Jon brings a wealth of automotive engineering and business leadership to our company. He is a well- respected pioneer in the electric vehicle field with his experience at General Motors launching the EV1 and charter member of the United States Advanced Battery Consortium and EDTA. Jon’s unparalleled background will greatly help SBE as we continue to advance market penetration of our advanced Power Ring film capacitor technology in automotive and other markets,” said Edward Sawyer, SBE’s President and CEO. “After 2 years as Senior technical advisor to SBE, we are delighted that Jon has agreed to serving on our Board of Directors as well.”

Mr. Wallace brings over 30 years of executive experience in the areas of alternative energy, advanced powertrains, power electronics and battery technology. Mr. Wallace served in several leadership roles at Ford Motor Company from 1982 to 2002. His final role at Ford was Executive Director of TH!NK Group, where he was responsible for the development of hybrid electric, fuel cell electric and battery electric vehicles.
Mr. Wallace then became CEO of Xantrex Technology Inc., a publicly-traded company with revenues of $240 million (2007), whose business lines include power converters for solar PV and wind turbine generators, power inverters for RV, heavy duty truck and marine applications, programmable DC and AC power supplies, and consumer power products. Currently, he is chairman of Enova Systems, a California-based, publicly-traded company providing HEV and EV powertrains for heavy duty vehicles. Mr. Wallace also serves on the Board of Directors for REV, a private Vancouver company involved in V2G for electric vehicles and ICRTec, a developer of high temperature gas turbine technology based in Brayton, New Hampshire.

“I look forward to working with the talented team at SBE. The development of significantly improved capacitors can advance the performance of power devices across many applications thus accelerating the growth of key new industries such as electric transportation, solar and wind energy generation, and medical lasers.” said John Wallace about his election.

“SBE is thrilled to have an executive of John Wallace’s caliber join our team. John has led innovative organizations in the renewable energy inverter and electric vehicle markets and will significantly contribute to our Board’s strategic vision,” said Edward Sawyer. “The insight and experience John gained as the leader of Ford Motor Company’s electric vehicle efforts as well as the CEO of renewable energy leader Xantrex, will help SBE advance our truly-game changing technology in those industries,” added Sawyer.

About SBE
SBE Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of film capacitor solutions that provide a much higher degree of reliability, higher power density, and simpler cooling infrastructure in demanding applications, particularly for transportation, alternative energy and military. Recently, SBE has brought this technology to a new level by developing integrated capacitor/bus structure/cooling/IGBT inverter topologies, in partnership with industry leaders. SBE also built a world-class facility for the manufacture of its Power Ring capacitors used in drivetrain inverters for electric drive vehicles. The company’s headquarters are located in Barre, Vermont.

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