Revolutionary Design Combines Electrolytic and Film Capacitors to Save Costs

bank-hardener-200-160Over the past months, SBE R&D group has been testing and validating a revolutionary product – the Bank Hardener™ – which combines film and electrolytic capacitors to reduce costs and increase system efficiency in solar and wind applications.
The initial data is now available for review and discussion and the Bank Hardener will be on display at the following shows: APEC, Wind Power Chicago and PCIM where members of SBE staff will be available to answer questions and discuss the product benefits and data. A drop in replacement system will be shown.
In 2013, as the final development stage, we have customer applications where field trials will be done.
If you are interested in getting your organization in on this new cutting edge technology for your system, you can contact [email protected], SBE VP Marketing and Sales.

Enabled by the annular form factor Power Ring Film Capacitor™, the Bank Hardener™ allows to:

  • Reduce up-front costs by using fewer capacitors and smaller bus structures,
  • Reduce maintenance costs by extending the life of your capacitor bank and reducing failure points,
  • Extend the life of the bank by two to three times,
  • Increase system efficiency by lowering capacitor losses,
  • Get more power out of your existing capacitors.Bank hardener testing

SBE’s Bank Hardener combines its patented Power Ring film capacitor™ technology with electrolytic capacitors for a longer lasting, higher power density capacitor bank. With an optimized bus, the Power Ring absorbs a majority of the ripple current and due to its annular form factor the Power Ring dissipates heat very efficiently. Electrolytic capacitors are particularly susceptible to temperature rise caused mostly by the higher frequency components of the ripple current. The Power Ring, however, is very good at handling these higher frequencies. By more efficiently handling the ripple current, the Bank Hardener allows designers to significantly increase the life of a capacitor bank and double or triple their power output in virtually the same footprint. The Bank Hardener can do all of this at a fraction of the cost of the original capacitor bank.

To learn more, go to Bank Hardeners.

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