Aalborg University – SBE: A Collaborative Project for Tomorrow’s High-efficiency Electric Car

Aalborg University Electric CarIn a 3-year research project and with the goal of promoting Denmark’s future position in transport, Aalborg University has been hard at work on the development of tomorrow’s high-efficiency electric car. The project is now in its final stages and the the car will be taken to a test field on May 31, which the press as well as participants and contributors will be invited to attend.

The project focused on developing components and technologies for the electric cars of the future.

A major project task was to develop a competitive high-efficiency drive system, i.e. an electric motor providing power on the shaft, adapted to the wheels, and an associated power electronic controller that would be optimized for the task. The project also analyzed potential and possible implementations for the vehicle’s future incorporation in the power system as a form of energy storage in an advanced interaction with wind turbines.
For this project SBE has provided a standard part: 700D509, with a 900V voltage rating, back in September 2012. The challenges for the inverter design were numerous throughout different phases of the project. An optimal design of the bus bar was very crucial for the overall performance, and measurements have shown that the stray inductance reached, for the Power Ring and the bus, was in the range of 15nH.

Also, during the testing phase, the Power Ring had to endure many failure scenarios which exposed it to extreme current values (in the order of kAmps) and which it passed without any issue.

The project was also an opportunity for the different partners to participate in developing an overview of important technologies and patents reported in the literature. Such a review will subsequently allow researchers and the many industrial partners in Jutland, Denmark to decide how to best work towards improved solutions for electric cars.

With the goal of building up all the central EV components in the form of a battery pack, inverters and motors, it has been a pleasure to use SBE power ring capacitor. It turns out that it was relatively easy to use the capacitor for two functional interleaved inverters. With these inverters we were able to drive our own magnetically geared motors and improve drive train efficiencies with more than 10% point compared to several commercial EV drive trains.” Peter Omand Rasmussen, research leader for the project had to say about SBE technology.

SBE has been pleased be part of this technology demonstration project. In cooperation with our industry partners, it is a great opportunity to provide leading edge capacitor technology to the Aalborg University.
Ed Sawyer, SBE President and CEO commented.

About the “press event”: It is scheduled at 11am on May 31, 2013. Location and other details have not been made public yet. It will include a demonstration of the car and a Q&A session with many of the team members. The event will be attended by Ed Sawyer, SBE President and CEO, and interested parties should contact Dayana El Hage, SBE Applications Engineer for Europe, for further details.

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