Integrated Module Vertical Test Kits Available

Integrated Module Vertical Test Kit

Integrated Module Vertical Test Kit

SBE has been using capacitor and interconnect technology to facilitate power module system integration since 2007, allowing for greater power density, lower cost, lower ESR and lower ESL. SBE’s new vertical test kits allow customers to do rapid prototyping of the topology without major investments in time and engineering resources.

The test kits received a great deal of positive attention at the APEC show in March. Such vertically-stacked inverter design is indeed well adapted for the transportation, alternative energy and distribution markets, and is scalable to any required power level.

In a vertically-stacked inverter design, the width of the required cooling plate for both the capacitor and the IGBT modules is directly proportional to the length of the bend in the configuration. A minimum width cooling plate will reduce the ESL at the IGBT. The ability of the SBE Power Ring film capacitor to provide very low heat dissipation for high ripple currents will facilitate this option.

The materials used in the test kits are identical to those in final product designs and can be subjected to the same stress levels as final products. Therefore all the electrical testing and life acceleration performed on test kits is usable for the final design qualification. In fact, customers have literally “designed in” the test kit (minus the adapter plate) directly into their first prototype systems.

To order a test kit, customers simply need to identify their IGBT of choice, the voltage and DC Link capacitance desired. SBE will deliver the integrated capacitor/bus assembly along with an adaptor for the particular IGBT. Horizontal test kits are also available. See SBE specifications webpage.

Please contact Mike Olsen at [email protected] to learn more about SBE’s test kits and other technologies.

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