SBE, Inc. Announces Sale of Wrap & Fill/Axial Product Line to Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc.

SBE, Inc. (dba SB Electronics) is pleased to announce the sale its Wrap & Fill/Axial Leaded Film Capacitor Product Line to Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. (CDE) of Liberty, SC. This line consists of products typically less than 50μF in total capacitance and at voltages less than 5kV. Packing is exclusively that of single windings with wire or lug leads attached and wrapped with an insulating tape. The sale does not include or affect the SBE Power Ring Line or any of its boxed capacitor assemblies. SBE will continue to provide single capacitors above 100μF or for voltages above 5kV for virtually any typical capacitor value and all customized capacitor solutions.

The Wrap & Fill Line has been built in Barre, VT since 1998 when it began as a purchase from Industrial Midwec (formerly TRW Capacitors and now operating as ASC) by SB Electronics, Inc and was part of a later acquisition by SBE, Inc. in 2002. The line has been greatly expanded in technical capability and industry applications since 1998.

This sale continues the strategic approach of SBE to make the full transition from a traditional broad based film capacitor supplier to that as a provider of capacitor based solutions to the Transportation, Alternative Energy, Power Conditioning, Medical, Defense, and Laser industries. We will continue to provide all capacitor technology solutions to our customers, but can now be completely focused on these target markets and solutions.

Speaking on the announcement, Ed Sawyer, President & CEO of SBE commented, “With over a billion units produced in its collective history in Vermont, SBE has established itself as a world leader in both capacitor technology and cost effective manufacturing processes for industry.” He continued “This sale will help solidify the foundation of sustainable jobs in Vermont through SBE’s focus on our growth markets. Ultimately, that is good for everybody.”

The Company’s previously funded Department of Energy – Recovery Act grant will not be affected by the sale. All assets and materials for the two product lines are entirely separate and unique of one another. The Company anticipates no negative job growth impact from this sale, short or long term. Mr. Sawyer added “With one minor exception, all of the assets purchased with loans from the State of Vermont and the Town of Barre are still being put to good use generating jobs in Vermont.”

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Ed Sawyer, President & CEO at (802) 661-3501, or by email at [email protected]

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