SBE Passes the 2000-Hour Mark of Its Accelerated Life Testing

AC filterSBE’s AC Filter Capacitors, announced earlier in the year, are less expensive, eliminate the need for fuses and pressure interrupters and run up to 20˚C cooler than conventional cans, thus dramatically increasing cooling flexibility.

SBE has now passed the 2000-hour, accelerated life testing milestone and has proven SBE’s AC Filter Capacitors superiority over anything else on the market. The testing has proven a life of over 100,000 hours under typical operating conditions. While other AC filter capacitor banks require individual cap replacement to achieve the “rated” life of the bank, SBE’s technology eliminates that need. The same capacitors will last over the entire life of the bank!

Additionally, the testing shows that even after 2000 hours of accelerated conditions, the dissipation factor of SBE’s AC filter capacitors is incredibly stable and well under one-half the initial value of conventional AC filter capacitors.

In conclusion, SBE’s AC filter capacitors eliminate catastrophic failures and notoriously faulty pressure interrupters, increase life and decrease DF. Sound too good to be true? Contact SBE and we’ll be happy to show you the results.

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