See it at APEC: AgileStack™ Evaluation Kit Utilizes SBE Test Kit

AgileStackThe AgileStackTM is the industry’s first, and only, fully software configurable power conversion module that features patent-pending SwitchStreamTM technology to control, protect and monitor over 40 points of operating and fault conditions and Stack BlackBoxTM technology to store on-board fault data in the event of catastrophic failure.
The AgileStackTM can operate between 50 kW – 125 kW and can be ordered as an Evaluation Kit with SBE, Inc. Power Ring Film CapacitorsTM and a National Instruments Single-Board RIO General Purpose Inverter Controller (GPIC). This product gives you the tools to increase inverter efficiency, reduce the cost of your controller, and reduce development time.
To support the AgileStackTM, SBE is providing integrated capacitor/bus technology. A standard capacitor/bus “test kit” allows for easy implementation of a high performance DC link with the highest possible ripple current per micro-Farad rating along with very low equivalent series inductance (ESL).
The SBE solution works equally well with either air or liquid cooling and can be optimized to any configuration using a simple adapter bus for interfacing into the IGBT modules. SBE’s Power Ring Film CapacitorTM technology provides for very low temperature rise such that less capacitance is required to manage the ripple current. When combined with AgileSwitch gate drivers, a significant reduction in DC link capacitance is safely achieved so as to realize much higher power density while reducing cost and weight.

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