An Interview with Steve Rysdam, UQM’s Manager of Electrical Engineering

UQM, a longtime customer of SBE Inc., focuses on small, efficient traction drive systems for electric and hybrid electric vehicles. We sat down with Steve Rysdam, UQM’s Manager of Electrical Engineering to find out what UQM is focusing on and how SBE is helping them.

  1. What does SBE offer that other capacitor manufacturers cannot?
    SBE Power Ring capacitors offer very low ESR and ESL. This in turn stabilizes the DC bus within our motor controllers, allowing us to deliver more power to the motor, and emit less conducted emissions. Also they can handle very large amounts of ripple with very little heating. This increases capacitor life, to the point where it is no longer the major reliability area within our systems.
  2. What value do you see in the use of SBE’s integrated bus/capacitor solutions?
    We have been able to reduce assembly costs of our products, by bringing in an assembly that is ready to drop into our system with no additional touch labor. For anyone that has built large capacitor banks, you know how much time and effort there is in getting all of the capacitors, bus plates, insulators, and screws assembled prior to putting the bank into the actual product. Also the logistics of sourcing all of those parts. SBE is willing to do all of that touch labor for us, allowing us to focus our energy on the actual product that we are designing and manufacturing.
  3. What is UQM’s focus and how is SBE helping achieve its goals?
    UQM is focused on providing small efficient traction drive systems for the electric and hybrid electric vehicle industry. SBE has helped us achieve our size goals, and weight goals because of their knowledge of capacitors, bus structures, and overall design. They are also very fast in providing prototype parts to keep our demanding business on schedule.

We thank Steve Rysdam for his time and we look forward to our continuing business collaboration.

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