SBE Releases Optimized DC Link for the New HP Drive 6 Pack IGBT Module

SBE, Inc., has developed an optimized DC Link system for the Infineon HP Drive 6 pack IGBT module which is now available for purchase. The integrated capacitor/bus assembly is available in vertical or horizontal configurations and specifically sized to take full advantage of the 30% size reduction achieved by the new Infineon module.

SBE, Inc. has designed a fully size-and-performance compatible DC Link system for the HP Drive IGBT module in collaboration with Infineon. Both vertical and horizontal connection systems are available. The vertical system is designed to occupy the same footprint as the HP Drive itself and the horizontal system respects the shorter length of the new HP Drive. This way, customers will be able to take full advantage of the size reduction offered by the improved Infineon technology and trust in the demonstrated performance and lifetime capability of the SBE Power Ring Film Capacitor technology.

Vertical and Horizontal HP Drive Compatible Test Kits

Vertical and Horizontal HP Drive Compatible Test Kits

The SBE DC Link system is fully capable of supporting the voltage and current options that can be used with the new Infineon HP Drive module. Yet the size is greatly reduced from conventional DC Link systems used today with the larger HP2 module systems. The SBE system insures that the customer can actually realize the potential inverter power density improvement which can be facilitated by the Infineon HP Drive.

SBE is known in the industry as providing the highest ripple current density available. There is no need to sacrifice the capability of this exciting product development by Infineon by using standard technology offerings for the required DC Link system.

To order your HP Drive compatible test kit, please contacting customer service at [email protected].

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