Date: May 16-18, 2017

Where: Nuremberg, Germany

SBE will exhibit at the conference (Booth #9-131). SBE’s CEO, Ed Sawyer, and CTO, Dr. Michael Brubaker will be present.

Dr. Michael Brubaker will present a paper, entitled “High performance DC link capacitor/bus sourcing dual Infineon HybridPACKTM Drive inverters for EV applications“.
A high performance integrated capacitor/bus for the Infineon HybridPACKTM Drive was presented previously [1]. This foundation will now be used as the basis for evaluating a single DC link capacitor/bus to support two HybridPACKTM Drive inverters, thus enabling a significant improvement in power density, weight and cost for EV applications. Detailed knowledge of the drive cycle is required along with full thermal characterization to demonstrate the required life. Transient thermal simulation results and experimental data are provided. These results are utilized to define practical topologies and power limits for one DC link feeding two HybridPACKTM Drive modules.

For more information, visit the official conference website.