products Products

Wide range of advanced capacitor solutions.

specifications Specifications

Specifications for all standard SBE products.

DC link capacitors DC Link Capacitors for Conversion and Inverters

Leading-edge film capacitor technology for the critical DC link application in transportation powertrain inverters.

integrated modules Integrated IGBT Inverter Modules

SBE developed fully integrated sub-system solutions for the power electronics industry.

bank hardeners AC Filter Capacitors

Dry-film AC Filter Capacitor for your next generation systems in the solar, wind, utility scale power conversion and other specialty power system markets.

bank hardeners Bank Hardeners

Combining the superior current capability of Power Rings with the capacitance capability of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

test kit Integrated Modules Test Kits

SBE’s test kits allow customers to do rapid prototyping of the topology without major investments in time and engineering resources.

Pulse high voltage capacitors Pulse/High Voltage Capacitors

Wide range of individual winding configurations are available with voltages up to 8kV.

application notes Application Notes

A series of application notes on our products.

SBE Quality Policy


technical papers Technology Overview

SBE offers several technologies to solve power electronic problems.

technical papers Technical Papers

Papers on low Trise, low ESR/ESL, extreme pulse current survival and significant capacitance density.

power ring technology Power Ring Technology

This proven technology provides extremely low internal losses (ESR) as well as the purest form of inter- connect symmetry which can dramatically lower inductance (ESL). These unique properties drive the leading edge electrical characteristics for the highest level of performance and reliability.

patented laser technology 105°C Coolant DC Link Capacitor

SBE developed a leading edge Film Capacitor technology for EV powertrain inverters and gathered over 3.5 Million unit hours of life testing data on these capacitors, which can operate in a 105°C coolant environment. With that knowledge, SBE developed an array of design tools, which can accurately characterize the performance of the Power Ring and other capacitors.

patented laser technology Patented Pulse Technology

A revolutionary way of controlling the typical failure mechanism of pulse capacitors.

patented laser technology Testing Capabilities

SBE has developed a number of testing methods to support its customers’ needs.

Recent News

June 24, 2017
Nichicon and SBE Announce Initial Partnership to Develop Hybrid DC Link Capacitor Banks

SBE and Nichicon announce a partnership to develop a hybrid DC Link Capacitor bank. The developed systems will utilize SBE’s patented Power Ring Technology as the “front end” enabler and advanced high power Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors from Nichicon as the efficient energy storage element.

May 10, 2017
DuPont Teijin Films (DTF) and SBE announce a Collaboration to bring Customers a New High Temperature Capacitor Technology

Barre, Vermont, USA and Luxembourg  City, Luxembourg – (May 10, 2017) – DuPont Teijin Films and SBE Inc. are very pleased to announce a joint collaboration to bring the Power Electronics Industry a new level of DC Link performance – high temperature – high density capacitor solutions.  Under this collaboration, DuPont Teijin Films  (DTF) is […]