Integrated IGBT Inverter Modules

SBE has been partnering with worldwide leaders such as Methode Electronics and Danfoss Silicon Power GmbH to develop fully integrated sub-system solutions for the power electronics industry.

SBE Vertically-Integrated Modules Offer*:
Danfoss Methode integrated igbt inverter module

  • Smaller volume and lower weight (higher power density)
  • Shared cooling for highest performance
  • Lower inductance – as low as 20 nH
  • Reduced cost without sacrificing reliability
  • Market ready for tranportation, distribution and alternative energy
  • Scalable to higher power levels
  • Fast turnaround time

SBE also offers Power Block High Density Modules for 50kW – 100kW String Inverters*:
Power Ring Block

  • 100µF at 1100V
  • 220µF at 600V
  • Integrated capacitor and laminated bus
  • Shared cooling for IGBT, bus & capacitor
    • Liquid or Air cooled
  • PowerBlock - Air cooled

  • Low ESR; < 500 micro-Ohm
  • Low ESL; < 10nH
  • Modular building block for higher power systems

Read more in our Power Block product overview sheet (pdf).

*IGBT modules and heat sinks sold separately

DSC_4969-infineon-retouched-white-200Recent vertically-integrated inverter topology* designs include:

*IGBT modules sold separately