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Complete list of 2002 and older press releases:

SBE is acquired in a management buy-out (pdf link)

SBE Announces NEW Partnership with ATCOM
SBE is excited to announce the launch of a new franchised distributor to handle all of its film capacitor product lines! Effective immediately Atlantic Components (Atcom) of Woburn, Mass. will be a source for ALL film capacitor products manufactured by SBE. Atcom’s expertise, flexibility and drive to provide the ultimate in service for their customer fits perfectly with the business philosophy of SBE. Contact them today with any inquiry you may have, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to experience their motto firsthand, “Building Partnerships One Component at a Time”.

SBE Purchases Industrial/Midwec Product Lines
SBE is in full gear manufacturing Polyester and Polypropylene axial lead film capacitor products that we purchased from Industrial/Midwec in 1999. SBE purchased the manufacturing equipment, process and engineering specifications, materials and intellectual property. We have even expanded some of their offerings to include different termination styles such as lugs, a wider range of capacitance values and more flexibility in package configurations. Combine this with our speed and technical expertise and you’ve got a winning team.

SBE Continues To Expand Film Capacitor Product Offerings
Since our inception SB Electronics has sustained an industry standard by providing the most reliable film capacitor products to our customers. Our focus is to design and manufacture these products with speed, knowing well that your success depends upon a quick response. We also recognize the growing demand for comprehensive technical support and we are committed to providing solutions to specific problems. Our goal: to provide you with the best overall value and solution for your film capacitor needs. Beyond what you find here, and in our technical catalog, we are continually developing and expanding our film capacitor offerings. While many suppliers only offer “standard” values and impose long lead times for “specials”, we welcome these opportunities. We encourage you to contact us with your specifications and put us to the test! Polyester, Polypropylene, Metallized, Film/Foil, Radial Leads, Axial Leads, Lugs, 4 Leaded Devices, High Voltage, Tight Tolerance, RC Networks.

Type 773P High AC Voltage Series
Type 773P High AC Voltage Series The Type 773P has been developed specifically for demanding applications. The 773P series is a radial-lead, polypropylene unit with extended foil. The extended foil design makes this series superb for high frequency, high pulse current applications. The AC voltage rating of the 773P is such as to offer extremely high reliability in demanding situations. The 773P has extremely low ESR and is also available in tolerances of ±3%.

Tight Tolerance Polypropylene Capacitors To Replace Polystyrene
For years SBE has provided Polypropylene capacitors with tolerances as close as ±1%. Recognizing Polystyrene film to be in short supply you have an alternative. Since we design and build much of our own winding equipment we are able to manufacture many of our Polypropylene units with tight tolerances. Our winding equipment utilizes a precision capacitance control system that we developed here at SBE specifically for manufacturing tight tolerance units. Our goal in manufacturing ALL of our products is to provide a capacitance distribution centered around nominal.

The SBE Quick Cap Program
Sometimes you just get caught in a tough spot. Call us! Yes, we have the shortest lead times in 3-4 weeks, but occasionally you need a faster response. In many cases we’ll be able to turn product around in 7-10 working days.

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