2003 News Archives

Complete list of 2003 News Archives:

Complete list of 2003 News Archives:

SBE Announces Partnership with Fieldmetrics (pdf link)
SBE is excited to announce that today, Dec 16, 2003 the company has entered into an exclusive technology development and licensing agreement with Fieldmetrics. Together the two companies are developing revolutionary technology for the Electric Utility Distribution Grid market. Lt.

Governor Brian Dubie visits SBE Inc. (pdf link)
SBE was honored to have Lt. Governor Brian Dubie visit our facility on Nov 24, 2003.

SBE announces exclusive 2-year agreement with Taser International (pdf link)
The world leader in non lethal, stun gun technology, Taser International, www.taser.com, has entered into a 2 year exclusive contract to buy capacitors from SBE. Using SBE’s patent pending technology, Taser is able to reduce their product’s size by 50%, increase “stopping power”, and insure higher reliability in the field.

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