Electric Drive Cost Reduction by Design Simplification – Jon Bereisa

vertical_moduleAgressive cost reduction at all levels is essential for the commercial viability and mass market acceptance of electric drive vehicles” said Jon Bereisa, SBE Senior Technical Advisor and Director, in a recent presentation. “Electric drive systems are typically mature in performance, size and mass” he added “but the issue remains their cost“. “A traditional approach of cost reduction at the component level cannot solve the problem or address aggressive efficiency targets. Design simplification and system up-integration are the strategies to achieve the necessary cost reductions” he believes.

In presentations Jon Bereisa’s has made, he then discusses some of the examples of design simplification and system integration, such as integration of DC bus capacitors, of EMI high frequency filter “cartridge”, direct connection to laminated bus bar, etc.

One example of integration is already being fielded is the vertically stacked inverter (SBE and partners such as Danfoss Silicon Power) which can simultaneously address multiple efficiency improvements while reducing cost, size and weight.

  • Its double‐sided cooling plate for thermal management of the IGBT module, bus structure, and DC link capacitor allows for direct cooling of the bus which reduces the conductor cross section and defines a safe thermal boundary for the DC link capacitor, directly integrated to the bus assembly.
  • This topology combined with an annular form factor film capacitor allows the highest possible ripple current per microfarad and presents a minimal ESL at the IGBT inputs such that snubber capacitors can be eliminated fundamentally rather than with drive circuit modifications often costing efficiency.
  • The common cooling plate also readily supports the transitions to 175°C IGBT junction temperatures for improved power density while utilizing existing film capacitor technology.
  • It is also compatible with upcoming WBG advanced when associated with a higher film DC link than polypropylene.
  • While such approach is essential in the mass market EV adoption by 2020, it can offer the same necessary efficiency gains in all powertrains as well as solar, wind, ups, and industrial motor improvements.

    Integrated Module Vertical Test Kit

    Integrated Module Vertical Test Kit

Additional Information:

  • Jon Bereisa’s presentation at the 2012 SAE Conference on Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Powertrains.
  • SBE has been utilizing capacitor and interconnect technology to facilitate power module system integration since 2007. We are well suited to collaborate on your most advanced cost, space, and weight reduction program.
  • A capacitor bus “test kit” that is now available to support rapid prototyping of this topology.

Please contact Mike Olsen at SBE for more information or to order a test kit that will meet your needs: [email protected].

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