SBE is Now Shipping Optimized DC Link Capacitor/Bus for the New HP Drive 6 Pack IGBT Module

The fully size-and-performance compatible DC Link system for the Infineon HP Drive IGBT module is currently in stock and shipping to customers. The integrated capacitor/bus assembly is available in vertical or horizontal configurations and specifically sized to take full advantage of the 30% size reduction achieved by the new Infineon module. Both vertical and horizontal connection systems are available on our on line store.

For information on rating curves, specifications, assembly suggestions and other application information, visit the new Infineon HP Drive support web page. With this integrated bus/bar assembly, designing in this leading edge Infineon system becomes easy and efficient.

SBE can also custom design a part to meet your specific application. Often, this is quick and cost efficient. Usually it is much easier than a custom design to accommodate standard parts.

For additional information, please contact SBE Applications Engineer, Andrew Hollyer at [email protected]

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