EV Infineon Inverter Testing at Oak Ridge National Lab

Testing EV inverter at ORNLSBE has collaborated with Infineon and the National Transportation Research Center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to test the next generation EV inverter shown here.

The inverter is comprised of an SBE 700A186 capacitor/bus test kit (500V and 500µF) combined with an Infineon HybridPACKTM Drive module and HybridKIT Drive with gate driver, micro-controller, and cooling plate.

The system was tested at the NTRC using a static RL load at 35kW continuous power to evaluate efficiency and thermal performance. Scaling of the data indicates that the SBE cap/bus can support the HP Drive up to rated peak power of 150kW as part of a typical drive cycle.

The SBE cap/bus also has a very low ESL (8nH) which allows the use of high working voltage at maximum switching speed to achieve the lowest possible inverter losses. This performance makes the highest power usage of the HP Drive possible.

A complete description of the results will be provided in our joint PCIM paper entitled: Optimized DC Link for Next Generation Power Modules (see abstract on the technical papers webpage). The full paper and presentation will also be available on that page shortly after the conference.

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