Reduce complexity and cost,
and increase reliability of your power supply.

  • Reduce capacitor costs
  • Reduce failure points, size and weight
  • Increase life and reliability

The SBE annular form factor Power Ring Film CapacitorTM is an excellent choice for gas discharge and flashlamp-pumped solid state or dye laser systems. A large monolithic single winding can replace an entire bank of conventional can-style capacitors thus reducing cost, assembly labor, and weight. Additionally, in many cases, the Power Ring can significantly minimize rack height using a shorter height winding with a large outer diameter. For large systems, this advantage can be significant.
The capacitor is wound on a large hollow core, which offers unique options for both mechanical mounting and routing of electrical connections. The annular form factor provides a very low series resistance (ESR) and reduced current density at the end connections. This combination represents one of the most robust product designs in industry for demanding applications. When combining these unique design characteristics form factor with excellent self-healing polypropylene film properties, the result is excellent reliability and long service life.

SBE capacitors are presently in service for a variety of medical, research, military, and industrial laser applications with a reputation for outstanding performance and dependability. SBE has undertaken extensive validation testing of our design pulse capability both as internal validation and for customer qualification. One such program is explained in the Annular Form Factor Film Capacitors paper (pdf link).

Here is an example of a bank consolidation successfully implemented for a laser customer.


To discuss your specific application, please contact SBE application engineering. Or see standard products specifications and our Pulse/High Voltage Capacitors.