Resonant Circuit Applications

Increase the Performance and Reliability of your Resonant Capacitors in the following typical applications: Wireless Charging, Induction Heating and Filters

  • Decrease Losses for high Q resonance applications
  • Increase Life
  • Increase reliability
  • Hybrid film/foil (dry type) construction
  • Self-healing and low capacitance losses
  • Ability to fabricate a specific array of values
  • Allows fine tuning of unique resonant frequencies
  • High operation temperatures
  • 10nF – 10uF
  • 450VAC – 5kVAC

With products in the field for over a decade in demanding applications, SBE is a leader in capacitor solutions to the inductive heating and charging markets. We have great experience in the destructive forces on a capacitor in these resonant high current applications. SBE is currently supplying capacitors and interconnect designs for the wireless charging market, inductive heating industry, and other demanding applications like filtering.

SBE’s film/foil capacitor construction “provides the best compromise between cost and performance” for your high power wireless charging or other resonant capacitor needs. For further insight into resonant capacitor selection see, System Level Considerations for Integration of Resonant Capacitors in High Power Wireless Charging paper presented at CERV 2012.

The SBE engineering team specializes in constructing capacitor arrays to allow testing without investing large amounts of money. Our wide array of film/foil building blocks gives our engineers the ability to easily fabricate specific resonance circuit values.


3-stage capacitor array

Three stage capacitor array rated for 1500 VAC showing thermocouples used to measure hotspot and end plate temperatures.

The SBE Power Ring Film Capacitor™ can take the film/foil approach to the next level of cost reduction using a large monolithic winding for each stage of the capacitor array,” states Michael A. Brubaker, Chief Technology Officer, SBE, Inc. (For more information, see CERV 2012 paper).

SBE is engaging designs in the industry globally. We are ready to introduce your team to the great benefits that others in the industry are implementing in their next generation systems. Please feel free to contact us to set up a call or to discuss your system requirement.


SBE ripple current test stand with film/foil resonating capacitor and air-coupled coils.

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