AC filter

Double the Life or Power of your Inverter!

  • Immediately reduce capacitor costs per kW rating or life requirement – or BOTH!
  • Increase life and efficiency of inverter
  • Increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs
  • Eliminate AC filter cap catastrophic failures while increasing life and reducing costs

In today’s most advanced solar energy systems, Power Ring Film Capacitors™  are the DC link capacitors used in inverters and other power conversion systems. The Power Ring film capacitor greatly reduces both the total system cost per kW and component complexity requirements, while increasing long-term reliability required in today’s demanding environments of the power grid.
Often we can achieve a 30 – 40% cost reduction or a doubling of power and/or lifetime at the same cost level.

NOTE: For more information, you can download our “Solar & Wind Presentation” (pdf link).
Solar integrated module
SBE Power Ring film capacitors for solar applications have typical bus voltages ranging from 500 to 1500Vdc and inverter stage ripple currents ranging from 100 to 1500 Arms at 2.5 – 7.5 kHz frequencies (See Specifications page for details on the individual capacitor elements). Contact SBE for an optimized bank design which can drop in to your existing space or allow you to create a leading edge new design). Depending on ripple current, lifetimes range from 100,000 to over 500,000 hours at typical 45 – 60°C ambient conditions for this market.

Power Ring capacitor 1SBE can usually provide a “drop in” bank solution to any existing film capacitor configuration to facilitate field testing and system evaluation. It also allows for convenient implementation of second sourcing since the “DC Link bank” is not changed dimensionally – but cost and performance are improved.

SBE’s approach is to maximize the Power Ring capability of ripple current per micro-Farad to obtain the best system power density performance available in the industry for your component dollar and your cubic volume of space. In doing so, the DC Link bank is reduced and more tightly coupled to the IGBT. For some customers, the final bank size that meets all requirements may be too small for all system/grid event mitigation. In such cases we have created the “bank hardener” which combines the “Power of the Ring with the energy storage efficiency of electrolytics”TM. This technique allows to achieve the desired goals simply by adding storage bank micro-Farads to handle all system requirements.

SBE’s Power Ring Module™ addresses the unique requirements for solar string inverters which employ either conventional Silicon or Silicon Carbide switches. The Power Ring Module combines the proven Power Ring Film Capacitor™ attributes of industry leading ESL/ESR and Amps per micro-Farad with its vertically integrated, surface mount, capacitor/bus assembly to maximize power density. The Power Ring Module’s direct, shared cooling of the bus and IGBT provides for cost savings, size reduction and increased performance. The Power Ring Module’s power density allows for smaller inverters while its extremely low ESL allows designers to increase operating voltages without fear of overshoot damaging the IGBT.

bank-hardenerSBE’s Bank Hardener™ allows users of large micro-Farad banks of aluminum electrolytic, film, or super capacitors to “buffer” the bank from the DC link, high ripple current need of the IGBT yet still meeting the storage needs of  the larger micro-Farad banks. These storage needs are typically grid ride through, event control, and driver related needs. This industry-first configuration can be used to achieve one of two highly advantageous outcomes:

  1. Reduced Aluminum Electrolytic bank size, cost, and failure points – The overall bank of capacitors can contain fewer capacitors, at much lower cost, yet extend the life of the bank by up to 2 to 3 times.
  2. Increase Power – The design can facilitate a substantial system power increase utilizing the same volume allocated to the original bank, which is perfect for the migration of existing tightly packed power cabinets to 0.5MW or 1MW+ system levels.

Generic-Integrated-Cap-and-Bus-AssemblyLastly, there is no need for the full bank to reside in the same cabinet any more since the Power Ring buffer will accommodate all of the tightly coupled DC Link requirements allowing the storage bank portion to be positioned anywhere convenient in the system environment.

Bank-Hardener-Sidecar_2SBE is engaging designs in the industry globally. We are ready to introduce your team to the great benefits that others in the industry are implementing in their next generation systems. Feel free to download our Solar and Wind presentation, and contact us to set up a call or meeting to discuss your system requirements.

Increase System and IGBT Efficiency by safely raising your bus voltage

SBE is working with leading edge designers in the solar industry to increase the DC bus voltage of the system and utilize up to 90%+ of the rated IGBT voltage – i.e. 1000-1100V bus utilizing 1200V die or 1500V bus utilizing 1700V die. We achieve this by tightly coupling our DC Link in an industry leading cap/bus solution with an ESL figure as low as 6nH measured at the half bridge input connections without using snubbers. This allows the highest silicon efficiency imaginable without paying a higher cost for the cap/bus solution or needing to de-rate  your output current. Contact us to collaboratively design your next generation systems.
You can also use one of our test kits before working on a collaborative project with us.