UPS and Network Power

DC Link and AC Filter Capacitors for UPS and Network Power Applications

Increase the Life and Reliability of your AC Filter Capacitors!

  • Immediately reduce AC capacitor associated component and labor costs
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Increase life
  • Increase reliability
  • Dry film construction
  • Eliminate failures which cause collateral damage by utilizing patented technology
  • Simplify supply chain

In today’s most advanced UPS systems, Power Ring Film Capacitor™ solutions are becoming the AC filter capacitors of choice. SBE’s integrated Power Ring Film Capacitor™ solution eliminates the risk of explosive failures which cause damage to other components in UPS systems and lasts up to twice as long as conventional oil filled capacitors. Unreliable, oil filled film capacitors with temperamental pressure interrupters are eliminated and replaced with SBE’s patented dry film capacitors.

Leading Edge DC Link solutions

SBE has an extensive line of solutions for inverter/converter power modules. SBE’s DC Link and AC filter capacitors were originally designed for wind and solar markets, however the same advantages can be experienced in the demanding UPS and Network Power applications. Of particular interest is high power density, longer life, and optimizing the capacitor bank in your present or future systems utilizing SBE’s Bank hardener system.

You can download our Solar, Wind and Network Power Presentation (pdf). Also feel free to contact SBE applications engineering at [email protected].

Additionally, with the increasing interest in the optimal use of semiconductor switching investments, leading edge designers should download and review our recently presented PCIM paper on increasing voltage utilization of 1100V systems by over 20%! (pdf)

AC filter capacitor bank

Single Phase

Preventing Catastrophic Failures

There are a number of features of the SBE Power Ring capacitor which prevent the type of failures which are seen in typical film capacitors. SBE’s patented end connection and segmentation technology allows for safe management of higher current densities and prevents “unzipping” failures.

In addition, SBE’s Power Ring capacitors are not sealed in a can, therefore overpressure does not occur.

AC filter

Single Phase

Finally, the large surface area and short thermal path to the end faces of the Power Ring are ideal for reducing temperature rise, therefore extending life.

Supply Chain and Serviceability Enhancement

Instead of managing a supply chain of several individual components (capacitors, bus structures, housing, terminals, etc…), SBE’s  Power Ring Film Capacitor™ AC solution (pdf) ships as a fully integrated unit. This integrated unit enables simple installation, in the factory as well as in the field.

Engineering Expertise

The SBE engineering team can help you optimize a bank design which can drop in to your existing space or allow you to create a leading edge, new design. A drop-in solution facilitates a simple path for field testing and system evaluation. A drop-in solution also allows for convenient implementation of second sourcing since the AC capacitor bank is not changed dimensionally – but cost and performance are improved.

A 3 phase system can easily be realized using the single phase unit as a building block

SBE is engaging designs in the industry globally. We are ready to introduce your team to the great benefits that others in the industry are implementing in their next generation systems. Please feel free to contact us to set up a call or to discuss your system requirement.

AC filter 3 phase

End-to-end 3 phase unit

AC filter capacitor bank

Vertical stack 3 phase unit

Side-to-side 3 phase unit

Side-to-side 3 phase unit

Other orientations available.