Double the Life or Power of your Inverter with a UL-recognized Solution!

    • Immediately reduce capacitor costs
    • Fit 2X – 4X the power in the same space used as in your current inverter
    • Increase life and efficiency of inverter
    • Increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs
    • Maintain the same energy storage bank as your current system requires
    • Safely increase your bus voltage/IGBT efficiency without using snubbers

In today’s most advanced wind and solar energy systems, Power Ring Film Capacitors™ are increasingly becoming the DC link capacitors used in inverters and other power conversion systems. The Power Ring film capacitor greatly reduces both the total system cost per kW and component complexity requirements, while increasing the long-term reliability required in today’s demanding environments of the power grid.

Many wind systems are more complex than solar as utility regulations dictate a “ride through” bank system element. This “ride through” bank requires a minimal bank size and the typical wind installation utilizes DC Link capacitors to fulfill this need. However this technique can be unnecessarily expensive and volumetrically inconvenient. SBE has pioneered the combination of tightly coupled DC Link capacitors to the IGBTs with an “off board” or “side car” of energy storage capacitors to complement the needs of the system.


FILM & ELECTROLYTICS – The Best of Both Worlds
The SBE Power Ring Film Capacitor current capability combined with the bulk storage capability of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors provides improved performance and life at lower cost

Wind inverter systems – when properly and collaboratively designed using the SBE approach – can have the following very desirable benefits:

  • Providing a tightly couple DC Link capable of very low inductance (ESL) to the IGBTs (typically 6 – 8nH), instead of snubbers and the traditional DC link bank
  • Being fully capable of handling the full ripple current needs of the system with long life
  • Offering low height which allows for convenient rack mount – high power systems
  • Optimizing the storage bank with Aluminum Electrolytic cans in a convenient location within the system box but with high reliability.

Learn more about the system details and benefits by downloading the “Solar & Wind Presentation” (pdf link). The first section deals with tightly-coupled DC Link Capacitors and the second section describes the “Bank Hardener” that is typically needed for Wind applications.

Try a “Drop In” solution in your existing system


Example of a “drop in” bank solution

As a starting point, SBE can usually provide a “drop in” bank solution to any existing film or aluminum electrolytic capacitor bank configuration to facilitate field testing and system evaluation. This also allows for convenient implementation of second sourcing since the “DC Link bank” is not changed dimensionally – but cost and performance are improved greatly.

SBE’s approach is to maximize the Power Ring capability of ripple current per micro-Farad to obtain the best system power density performance available in the industry for your component dollar and your cubic volume of space. In doing so, the DC Link bank is reduced and more tightly coupled to the IGBT.

The “Drop in” solution will typically fit in the exact cavity and IGBT bus connections in your current system. It will either be smaller in total volume (and up to 40% cheaper) with equivalent performance or it will double the power and/or life of your existing system in the same space.

For more information on a drop in solution for a system trial or evaluation, please contact Dr Michael Brubaker, Chief Technology officer at [email protected] or 802-476-4146.

SBE Power Ring film capacitors for wind and solar applications have typical bus voltages ranging from 500 to 2100Vdc and inverter stage ripple currents ranging from 100 to 1500 Arms at 2.5 – 7.5 kHz frequencies (See Specifications page for details on the individual capacitor elements). Contact SBE for an optimized bank design which can drop in to your existing space or allow you to create a leading edge new design. Depending on ripple current, lifetimes range from 100,000 to over 500,000 hours at typical 50 – 60°C maximum ambient conditions for this market. Cold temperatures down to -50°C are also available.

Increase System and IGBT Efficiency by Safely Raising your Bus Voltage

SBE is working with leading edge designers in the wind and solar industry to increase the DC bus voltage of the system and utilize up to 90% of the rated IGBT voltage – i.e. 1000-1100V bus utilizing 1200V die or 1500V bus utilizing 1700V die. We achieve this by tightly coupling our DC Link in our industry leading cap/bus solution presenting an very low Inductance (ESL) as low as 6nH measured at the half bridge input connections without using snubbers. This allows the highest silicon efficiency imaginable without paying any higher cost for the cap/bus solution or needing to de-rate your output current. Contact us to collaboratively design your next generation systems utilizing these industry leading techniques. SBE can bring IGBT and Driver Board solution partners to the discussion to create a customized and workable design for your next system.