Electronic Ballast Applications

SBE has over 25 years experience in the electronic lighting ballast industry. We have shipped over 100 million units of our High AC Voltage designs into the electronic ballast market. SBE and the High AC Voltage Orange Drop® are recognized as the reliability leaders.

Here are just a few of the areas we focus on to assure you receive the most reliable film capacitor available:

  • SBE designs and manufactures capacitors that can be expected to outlast the life of the products they are installed in. Our units are designed and rated to operate continuously at the maximum limits stated in our specifications. Our goal is to define application constraints as clearly as possible.
  • SBE has performed over 500,000 unit-hours of high frequency life testing at +85°C, between 25 and 40 KHz, with no failures! We have also performed nearly 200,000 unit-hours of high stress testing at +85°C, at frequencies between 28 and 33 KHz, and test voltages up to 25% above ratings, to better understand design and application limits.
  • SBE requires a minimum corona start voltage of at least 100 VRMS above the unit’s AC rating
  • ALL units are manufactured on winding equipment that uses a precise capacitance control monitoring system to assure a tight capacitance distribution. Our goal is to provide units with a capacitance distribution centered around nominal.
  • SBE has the capability to manufacture the precise capacitance value you require at the tolerance you need.
  • The most comprehensive and dependable support, from both a technical and customer service aspect, is only a phone call away!

Contact us today to request the specific engineering design samples you need!