DC Link Capacitors for Conversion and Inverters

700D349_300_200Solar DC link capacitorSince 2005, SBE has developed a leading edge film capacitor technology for the critical DC link application in automotive HEV, PHEV, and EV powertrain inverters. This unique and patented Power Ring Film CapacitorTM technology with industry leading parameters provides the most advanced DC Link capability on the market.
Since then, thousands of systems have shipped into the field resulting in inverters of improved performance, smaller size, often lower cost, and greatly improved reliability. Additionally, system designers around the world have utilized SBE’s simulation tools to optimize their powertrain with Power Rings film capacitors. The array of design tools, which development has been partially funded by the US Department of Energy R&D grant, allows you to accurately characterize the performance of the capacitor in an application (for more information, see 105°C Coolant DC Link Capacitor).

Starting in 2010, SBE began migrating, and in some cases scaling, the DC Link offerings to the solar, wind, utility scale power conversion, and other specialty power systems. Utilizing the same core attributes and tools that made the transportation applications successful, the SBE Power Ring Film Capacitor DC Link is now being designed into the next generation systems in these markets with the same system benefits. With MTTFs of 200,000 to 500,000 hours at 65°C coolant or air flow, the SBE DC Link solves the most stringent life requirements and can often be “dropped in” the existing space of the traditional DC Link solution for a 250kW power stage.

Also in 2010, SBE started developing tools to analyze ESL characteristics as they present themselves to the switch module and the resulting voltage overshoot conditions which can be fatal to the switches if left uncontrolled. SBE’s standard product offerings offer the industry’s lowest ESLs for power conversion systems and the newly-developed SBE Integrated Modules offer an optimized approach to ESL and allow increased power output from the existing switch module without any additional system cost. By utilizing SBE’s ESL development tools, overshoot and ESL testing capability, the system designer can optimize with confidence, backed by millions of hours of validation testing.

Integrated Module Vertical Test Kit
One of the easiest ways to take the first step with the SBE market-leading performance attributes is to order an SBE integrated module test kit or one of our pre-engineered standard solutions geared to popular 6 pack IGBT modules.

For more information, see the description of these test kits on the integrated modules test kits page and order a test kit by using our test kit selector.

If you need some assistance in selecting the appropriate Power Ring for your needs, you can fill out our DC Link Capacitor Questionnaire (pdf link) and return it to us. Some of our standard system offerings can be purchased on our on-line store. Some examples are also explained on Power Ring Application Examples (pdf).