Infineon HP Drive 6 Pack Compatible Test Kits

Infineon vertical and horizontal test kits
The fully size-and-performance compatible DC Link system for the HP Drive IGBT module designed in collaboration with Infineon is specifically sized to take full advantage of the 30% size reduction achieved by the new Infineon module.

Why is SBE’s Integrated Capacitor/Bus Assembly the Best Choice for Optimum Performance?

  • Lowest inductance – 8nH
  • Increased Power Density – Full drive Cycle performance
  • Parts in stock
  • We are happy to customize the final solution

Test Kits’ Characteristics

Typical Drive Cycle Maximum Peak Current Continuous DC Voltage
Operating Ranges:
450 Vdc < Vdc < 550 Vdc
75 Arms < I ripple < 125 Arms
Greater than 10,000 Hour Life For Typical 50°C < Tcoolant < 85°C Drive Cycle
250 Arms (not to exceed
2 minutes and 85°C hotspot at 500 Vdc)
500 Vdc up to 85°C (de-rate Rating: linearly from 500 Vdc to 300 Vdc from 85°C to 105°C
Infineon HP Drive 6 Pack Compatible Test Kits

How does this Assembly Fit in my System?

See this assembly as a PDF by clicking on this link “HP Drive High Power Density Module” if you cannot watch the video animation above.

For the 400uF/450VDC & 500uF/500VDC versions, the test kits are available in horizontal & vertical configurations.

Note that: SBE is now the exclusive supplier for large capacitors using DuPont PEN HVTM film. We have now expanded our Hybrid PackTM Drive DC link offerings to include parts made with this film to allow higher temperature operation. The customer can thus reduce cooling infrastructure and/or allow a higher current rating to take advantage of the higher allowed hotspot temperature rise.

DC Volt. (Vdc) Cap. (µF) Test kit # Vertical or Horizontal Operating Temperature (°C)
450 400 700A204* (pdf)

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Horizontal 105°C
450 400 700A185* (pdf)

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Vertical 105°C
500 500 700A186* (pdf)

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Horizontal 105°C
500 500 700A205* (pdf)

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Vertical 105°C
500 500 700A293* (pdf) Horizontal 105°C
500 550 906A107 Horizontal 125°C
750 260 700A292* (pdf) Horizontal 105°C
750 260 700A245* (pdf)

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Horizontal 105°C
750 320 906A105 Horizontal 125°C
900 135 906A104 Horizontal 125°C

*IGBT modules sold separately

Horizontal Configuration Test Kits

Horizontal Test Kit


  • Ultra-Low Inductance <8nH
  • 600V Peak



HP Drive Installation Guide (pdf)

Rating Curve
Rating curve 600 px


Vertical Configuration Test KitsVertical Test Kit


  • Occupies the same footprint
  • <12nH
  • 600V Peak
  • Bus cooling allows for higher current rating


Rating Curve
Rating curve 700A185

These test kits allow for rapid prototyping of the topology without major investments in time and engineering resources.

Contact SBE engineering when you are ready to find the optimized solution for your next generation system.