Integrated IGBT Inverter Modules

SBE Integrated Modules™ are the best way to reduce costs without sacrificing reliability. SBE has been partnering with worldwide leaders such as Danfoss Silicon Power GmbH and Rogers to develop fully integrated sub-system solutions for the power electronics industry.

Power Ring Module™ for 50kW String and Powertrain Inverters

SBE offers Power Ring Module High Density Modules for 50kW – 100kW String Inverters*:
Power Ring Block

    • 100µF at 1100V
    • 220µF at 600V
    • 350µF at 450V

PowerBlock - Air cooled

  • Integrated capacitor and laminated bus
  • Shared cooling for IGBT, bus & capacitor (liquid or air cooled)
  • Low ESR < 500 micro-Ω
  • Low ESL < 10nH
  • Modular building block for higher power systems

*IGBT modules and heat sinks sold separately

The Power Ring Module combines the proven Power Ring Film Capacitor attributes of industry leading ESL/ESR and Amps per micro-Farad with its vertically integrated, surface mount, capacitor/bus assembly to maximize power density. The Power Ring Module’s direct, shared cooling of the bus and IGBT provides for cost savings, size reduction and increased performance. The result is a building block for the most power dense, scalable, 50kW inverter possible. At specifications of 100µF/1100Vdc, 600Vdc/220µF, and 450Vdc/350µF the Power Ring Module can easily handle 100 Amps of ripple current. In addition to the Power Ring Module’s unrivaled power density, its extremely low ESL, less than 10nH, allows designers to increase operating voltages without fear of overshoot which would damage the IGBT. The designer is given the ultimate in power density and system scalability.

Read more in our Power Ring Module product overview sheet (pdf).

Vertically-Integrated Modules

SBE Vertically-Integrated Modules Offer*:Danfoss Methode integrated IGBT inverter module

  • Smaller volume and lower weight (higher power density)
  • Shared cooling for highest performance
  • Lower inductance – as low as 20 nH
  • Reduced cost without sacrificing reliability
  • Market ready for tranportation, distribution and alternative energy
  • Scalable to higher power levels
  • Fast turnaround time

*IGBT modules sold separately

Infineon vertical inverterRecent vertically-integrated inverter topology* designs include:

*IGBT modules sold separately

Contact us to find the optimized integrated solution for your next generation system or try one of our test kits for rapid prototyping of the topology without major investments in time and engineering resources.