Product Overview

SBE has been in the business of advanced capacitor technology for over 50 years, first as part of Sprague Electric and more recently as an independent company. SBE’s vast experience in solving power electronic problems with capacitor solutions has expanded into many technology areas and product offerings.

SBE’s product offering includes:

700D409 DC link

DC Link Caps

Pulse HV

Pulse/HV Caps


Integrated Modules

Test kits

Test Kits

AC filter caps

AC Filter Caps

Bank hardener

Bank Hardeners

  • Capacitance from 70µF – 1500µF
  • Voltages from 450V to 1500V
  • Currents up to 500Arms continuous
  • Extremely low internal losses (ESR) – 0.15 – 0.4mOhms typical
  • Industry-leading ESL characteristics – 3-10nH typical for capacitors, 10-20nH presented to switch inputs with suitable bus
  • Extreme current pulse survival – in excess of 100kA
  • Significant volumetric capacitor density

If you need some assistance in selecting the appropriate Power Ring for your needs, you can fill out our DC Link Capacitor Questionnaire (pdf link) and return it to us. Some of our standard system offerings can be purchased on our on-line store.

105ºC Coolant DC Link Capacitors

Capacitance range from 70µF – 1500µF, 450V – 1500V, ripple currents up to 300Arms continuous.

  • Small size capacitors: 0.001µF – 100µF, DC voltages to 5kV, AC voltages to 600Vac.
  • Power Ring capacitors: 10µF – 3000µF, DC voltages to 8kV
  • Sections can be stacked to achieve more than 100kV for pulsed power applications
  • Voltages from 450 to 1,500V
  • RMS current ratings from 100 to 1000+A
  • Optimized integrated solutions
  • Reducing costs without sacrificing reliability
  • Horizontal and Vertical Orientations
  • “Plug and Play” test kits for popular IGBT modules by Infineon, Danfoss, Fuji & Semikron
  • Designed for validation testing
  • Capacitance from 250 – 1,500 µF
  • Voltages from 450 -1,100 V
  • Increase life
  • Increase reliability
  • Immediately reduce AC Capacitor associated component and labor costs
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Eliminate failures which cause collateral damage by utilizing patented technology
  • Simplify supply chain
  • Extend the life of your bank by two to three times
  • Smaller, less expensive, more powerful and more reliable
  • Reduce up-front costs by using fewer capacitors and smaller bus structures
  • Reduce maintenance costs by extending the life of your capacitor bank and reducing failure points
  • Increase system efficiency

Patented Pulse Capacitors

An approach to enhance the capability of film capacitors for extreme current density.

Resonant Circuit Applications

SBE has been a leading supplier of capacitor solutions to the inductive heating and charging markets. There is a limited number of standard capacitors. Please contact SBE application engineering for your particular requirements.

For more information on SBE products, see Specifications and Application Notes pages.