Pulse/High Voltage Capacitors

dsc_5471_45pc_75pc_200_200_webThe SBE annular form factor metallized film capacitor is ideally suited for next generation pulsed power applications. Very large monolithic windings can be manufactured to replace a bank of conventional can capacitors to reduce cost and simplify assembly. Capacitors can be wound on large diameter hollow cores what offers unique options for mounting and making symmetrical electrical connections. All types of capacitor values from 1µF to 10,000µF and capacitor voltage ranging from 400V to 25kV are available.

dsc_5483_700d492_200_200_webThe ring style film capacitor is perfect for low-inductance coaxial geometries to achieve very fast rise times and extremely large peak currents. The annular form factor provides a very low series ESR due to the short path length, while the large end face area significantly reduces the current density. As such, peak currents exceeding 100kA can be extracted from a 1000 µF capacitor without using foil electrodes.

Power Rings extreme energy capacitors SBEA wide range of individual winding configurations are available with voltages up to 8kV, and up to 25kV for assembly voltages. These can be used as building blocks to build higher voltage architectures. Medium and High Voltage Utility systems can then be addressed.

Applications include flashlamp drivers for laser systems, Marx generators, high energy pulse discharge for acoustic detection systems, and electromagnetic imaging. See our standard products specifications.
Of particular interest to some industries is the highly efficient use of tubular packaging space. SBE can customize the center hole to provide access for component packaging or routing high current wire harnesses down the center of the tube. SBE has provided over one meter long tube capacitor assemblies to such industries as military, down hole exploration and drilling, and scientific high energy pulse. Final packaged high energy capacitor density can be readily achieved.

If you need assistance with selecting the right capacitor, complete the Pulse Capacitor Questionnaire (pdf link) and contact the Application Engineering Department at SBE Inc.. For some technical papers presented at past Pulsed Power Conferences, visit our Technical Papers page.

GA (General Atomics), CSI Technologies, Electronic Concepts (ECI) and NWL Capacitor Cross Reference Available

SBE can provide replacement or equivalent products for your GA (General Atomics), CSI Technologies, Electronic Concepts (ECI) or NWL designs. We can often fit our superior design elements inside the same volumetric space and duplicate the connection interface. Customers often experience lower prices, much shorter lead times, and potentially superior performance in the same space. Additionally, you appreciate the benefits of replacing an “oil filled” capacitor with an industry-leading dry capacitor technology. Please contact SBE application engineering at [email protected] to discuss your particular cross reference need.

HV (High Voltage) thick Polyester Films available

SBE has access to thick polyester for HV applications which is no longer available in the marketplace. We can also provide equivalent designs for your HV need that has become difficult to source from traditional supplier such as GA (General Atomics), NWL, Vishay/ESTA, and Epcos/TDK. Please contact SBE application engineering at [email protected] to discuss your particular cross reference or obsolete component replacement needs.